Monday, October 13, 2008

Starting to get the hang of things!

What a learning experience. I brought my designs online last January having no idea all I would have to learn.

I have become a photogragher, a writer and sometimes a tech geek. I love that all the answers to this tech world of data feed files and such can be found here, online.

Tonight I added my shop onto google data base. It is there for one month, so I must be diligent about adding it each month.

That is it for today!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Featured Artist Mitchell Poor

This week Gypsy Moon Designs is featuring an artist who paints to his own drum beat!

His work is very primitive, full of color and sometimes disturbing. Often there is a theme of masks and woman and animals. Images of old South American cultures come through too.

This is what Mitchell Poor says about his work. My art work is anarchy. It is more of an expression of freedom than a method of a perfect state-which I avoid at the cost of preserving the spontaneity of the subconscious. Ideas like animism and deism interest me. The details I do focus on are mood, texture and color. Each painting is an experiment and a reflection of organizing something chaotic or kinetic.

He has a following here in Missoula, Montana. Mitchell Poor has pieces of his work through out the United States. You can view paintings at and it is available for sale at Mitchell is adding new painting regularly.
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