Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bloggers Unite for Haiti

There is a blogger campaign happening for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. As a blogger if you would like to participate click on the banner on my sidebar.

As we all know Haiti was hit by a 7.0 earthquake that could be responsible for more than 100,000 deaths. Tens of thousands have been left homeless.

There are many organizations helping with the relief effort. I saw a story of the NBC Nightly News of a 78 yr old American doctor who is in Haiti to help. He really touched me. Here is a link to NBC, he is on the "Making a Difference" segment.

President Clinton and Bush also have a fund that 100% of donations go to assist Haitians now and in the long term rebuilding efforts.Clinton Bush Haiti Fund

There are so many organizations seeking donations.
Doctors without Borders
American Red Cross
Partners in Health
to list a few...

As a world community we can reach out in compassion to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another fun technique

I am having to much fun this new year! All this play with materials is making creative ideas really flow. Now to get them turned into something tangleable. Paisley earrings
Before they can be created I must master some basic metal work. The necklace and earrings you see here are designed with hammered copper. I created little windows for pictures.

Victorian Bohemian necklace

I am antiquing the copper in liver of sulfur and have to say I love using it. Right now to solder the pendants closed I am using a soldering iron. On Thursdays I am taking a beginning metal fabrication class and can't wait to learn how to use the torch. For now though I will stick to the iron. It is such a small area that it seems to be working.

Off to play some more!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Experimenting with Techniques

This Summer will be my 7th craft season here in Missoula, Montana. Our market, like so many others, is saturated with jewelry sellers. To stay competitive each winter I play with ideas and techniques.

Wild at Heart necklace is a new style for me. I took two colors of silk fabric and a hand dyed silk ribbon to create the necklace. Then wire wrapped pearls around it.

I am thinking of just making 2 more in this style to test at market.

Tonight I have my first metal fabrication class. I bought all these tools and books and was struggling on staying focused. I would do a bit of soldering over here, hammering metal over there...and no projects were being completed.

After, days of buying different tools to discover I still needed more, I threw up my hands and scouted out a class to take. What a relief, my focus improved knowing that someone else could teach me the metal work.

Also, yesterday was my 2 year Etsy anniversary! I got all dressed up and waited for Etsy to take me out on the town, a little dinner and dancing, but they never arrived! LOL

Click here to see more of Wild at Heart necklace

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Do you make seasonal jewelry?

I rarely make seasonal jewelry, but this year I am giving it a try.

I am pleased with the outcome so far. I wanted to stay true to my bohemian style and also create a piece that could be worn anytime, Valentine's Day or not.
Gypsy Love is a long boho chic necklace. I found this cool heart pendant from a bead supplier in Turkey. It is always so fun to receive packages from overseas and especially an exotic country like Turkey.

You can viewGypsy Love here.

The Love Me necklace has a very old fashion flare. My Mother in law sent me these glass pearls from her Mother's jewelry box.

I bought some E6000 glue and Liver of Sulfur last week and had to play with my new supplies. I loved it and was looking around the house to see if there was anything else I could glue or oxidize! I am going to have fun playing in the coming weeks.

You can see more of Love Me necklace here.

I have another necklace in the works. I hope to complete it today. I am experimenting with strips of silk fabric and wire wrapping pearls around it.

Would love to hear how others do with seasonal designs.

Why you make them or don't make them? Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Show me your studio space

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone is off to a good start.

I thought it would be fun to see everyone's work space. Please feel free to drop a link in comments to your blog post or flickr or photobucket...and show off your space.

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