Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Artist Kevin Gadomski and his Manitou totems

Last week on Etsy I found myself in a shop that amazed me with such unique talent. Having been raised in Michigan and being proud of my Potawatomi heritage I was thrilled to discover the Manitou carved sculptures by artist Kevin Gadomski.

The Algonquian people, Ojibwe/Chippewa,Ottawa,Potawatomi,Cree, believe that everything has its own spirit or manitou that is inseparable from the Great Spirit or Kitche Manitou.

"What is a sacred place, I wondered, except one that makes you feel humble and insignificant in the face of nature? And what is a manitou but the power of a place to move you to those thoughts?" — Greg Breining; The Power of Rock

Inspired by the Ojibway heritage of his children, Kevin began creating the Manitou pieces many years ago. His interest in all things esoteric has led him to explore shamanism, totemism, mysticism, Taoism, Zen, Sufism, Animism, nature, reality, dreaming, metaphysics, Kevinism as a life path which are all more or less reflected in his work.

You can explore more of Kevin's amazing work on his website freedom gallery

Kevin can also be found on FaceBook Kevin Gadomski


Kevin said...

Like the Breining quote. Thanks so much Julie. You rock.

Celtic Cat said...

The totems are beyond awesome and stunning! Thank You for sharing with us!

Mitchell Poor said...

Incredible work!

Miss Kagashi said...

These are fantastic! I'm a Michigan-native Potawatomie myself and I adore Mr. Gadomski's take on such an old tradition.

Any chance he has a kagashi (crow)?

NAT said...


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