Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bohemian Multi Strand necklaces

Missoula Saturday Market begins first Saturday of May. Thirty days is a real motivator to amp up my production. I am so excited to see fellow vendors, regular customers and make new friends.

This winter I experimented with new techniques. I am slowly learning metal fabrication. Going from a bead stringer to a metalworker has its challenges. You have to shift how your brain is accustom to designing.

I found this technique to be the perfect gateway for me into the world of metal working. It offers shaping metal, hammering it, playing with liver of sulfur and my favorite SOLDERING! I could solder all day. I love it. You have to have a delicate touch when using soldering wire. Heat the metal just right and with a steady hand ever so lightly touch the wire to the hot metal. Then you guide the flame just right to see the solder flow. Love it!

This Ethnic inspired multi strand necklace looks great on. The colors are perfect for a summer tan. I designed two pendants for it.

The month of May is fantastic at market. There is Mother's Day, high school and university graduation. With that in mind I am gearing up on necklaces one would want to buy as gifts. I love the bohemian, gypsy look of this one.

I hand made the pendant to have a 70's retro feel. The oranges, reds, and purples give it some funk. You can see more views of it at Gypsy Moon Designs.
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Make yours @ BigHugeLabs.com