Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Big Cartel and ArtFire experiment

Three weeks ago I set up a shop on ArtFire and Big Cartel. When I set up these two stores I told myself I would watch and see which preformed best by April 1st.

ArtFire is a community based handcraft site and BigCartel is a shopping cart for indie artist. So, one would think you would have more traffic on ArtFire. I have 31 items listed on ArtFire and have had 900 views in three weeks. BigCartel has 25 items listed and has had 1400 views.

Chunky yellow necklace

Also, tonight I made my first sale on Big Cartel. I believe the customer found me via my Facebook page. I don't promote my ArtFire shop on Facebook, just my Etsy and BigCartel shop.

So, my experiment is over. Tomorrow I will deactive my ArtFire shop and add more to BigCartel. The ArtFire owner is very friendly and the forums are helpful. It's easy to set up shop there too. I find that BigCartel visually looks better if you buy a theme to install or know how to code.

Thought I would share for those considering one of the platforms.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Big Cartel theme

I feel like a little kid today!

Artwork courtesy of Ireland Brady, Happy Little Girl Hooray.

I have my Big Cartel website theme completed. Me so happy! At first I did some CSS coding to enlarge the tiny 10 px font that for some reason Big Cartel uses. After searching around I found this clean theme called "Sunday Drive" by Tonka Park.

So far the whole experience with Big cartel and Tonka Park has been great. Customer support answers emails within hours. With a bit of easy coding you can track where views are coming from with Google Analytics.

If you are using Big Cartel as your shopping cart check out my shop theme to see if you too want to upgrade your theme.! Gypsy Moon Designs

Friday, March 18, 2011

Big Cartel and ArtFire

Last week I signed up with the handcraft website ArtFire and listed 30 items for sales. I also joined Big Cartel with 25 items listed so far.

Well, after a week I can say that Big Cartel has had many more views than ArtFire.
That actually surprised me a bit. Big Cartel is a shopping cart and not a shopping mall like Etsy or Art Fire. I expected more views from ArtFire.

Chunky ammonite and turquoise necklace

I will watch both sites traffic for a few weeks. But, I think I will be focusing on Big Cartel.

I can't say enough good things about Big Cartel! They have excellent customer service. I have emailed them twice with a question. They respond back in a very timely manner and always have the answer you are looking for.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gypsy Moon Designs is now on BigCartel

I'm expanding my online venues this month. After researching venues and playing with site-builders on sites such as and Big Commerce I found Big Cartel to be the easiest to launch.

So many sites claimed they were easy to set up. I think if I was a 12 year old in this day and age I could have done it! But, after days of playing with these so called easy site builders I still find BigCartel the easiest to work with.

BigCartel even gives you links on there site for easy CSS codes and uploading background images.

My first site design was going to have a earthy look to it. I liked it but it lacked a polished finished look. I used the banner and background you see above.

Last night I woke up and thought I really should keep the same branding as my Etsy shop. So, I redesigned it in minutes. Once you learn a little code it isn't to difficult.

I would love for you to come check out my new shop; even shoot me a email thru the "contact" form if you like!
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