Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Craft Season starting soon!

Missoula Saturday Market begins May 2nd this year. I am busy getting ready for it.

Every year at this time I become a bit frazzled, worrying that I don't have enough inventory. I have slowed down on listing on my Etsy shop. My sales online are consistent but the sales are in the $10 to $20 range.

I can not wait to start selling necklaces again! I sell a ton of earrings online and would love to see some necklaces find happy homes.

I really love this dragonfly piece. Also, I am pleased about the photography. Some of my pics are really hit or miss.

So, here is wishing everyone a successful Summer vending their craft shows! If you are in Missoula stop by and say "hey"!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Family member deployed to Iraq

Last week my sister Cindy and her children said their good byes to Tim. Her husband has been deployed to Iraq for a year.

My parents were there too, in Fayetteville, North Carolina, to see him off. My dad took this family photo. Little Loni, there youngest is dressed just like her daddy!

My prayers are with Tim while he is gone.

Monday, April 13, 2009

National Bison Range Wildlife Refuge

Sunday afternoon Mitchell and I spent the afternoon at the National Bison Range Wildlife Refuge. It is about 40 miles North of Missoula.

We had a beautiful day for a drive. Unfortunately we saw no Bison on Sunday. So, I provided a photo we took last year of them. We did see female Pronghorns and Turtles. We could hear the song of the Western Meadowlark but I never did see one.

The first photo is this large antler pile near the Visitor's Center. You can click the images to enlarge them. I think the turtles are so cute! We really had fun!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

3D Mosaic Artist ~Martha Shade~Featured Artist

Taos, New Mexico draws artist to her. While living there I met and made friends with Martha Shade. After almost a decade I moved onto to Montana and Martha to Portland, Oregon.

As Martha's friend, I am amazed by her patience and attention to small detail. I have seen some of her work where she cuts out a variety of fabrics in small squares and lays them upon a form she created with paper pulp.

I find the Giraffe to be absolutely amazing. She has fused glass and adhered it to the form. The head and legs she designed with resin. All her pieces are around 18 inches tall. To see them close up, just click on the image.

Like most kids, Martha started out playing with Playdoh. She found she really liked sculpting. She likes to work in a malleable, 3 dimensional medium. Even the process of grouting and scraping she finds enjoyable.

The pug piece is part of her private collection. It is inspired by George, her companion and buddy for many years. I love the Mermaid and it has found a home already.

Martha Shade has had her work shown through out the Southwest and Pacific Northwest. If you are interested in contacting her you can email her at g.m.shade9246@gmail.com

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring in Montana

Boy, oh boy, did it take awhile for Spring to arrive this year. Here she is in her glory!

Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm Big in Japan!

Okay, the title is a total exaggeration! But, I got you to look at my post!

Yesterday, after a stressful week, I received my first online wholesale order going to Tokyo. The customer has been shopping wholesale with many Etsy shops for years. I am so tickled she found my shop.

So, after confirming the order, I have been walking around the house singing Tom Waits song "I'm Big in Japan". Yes, I am a goof ball!

What a long week this has been. I am quitting smoking and bumping into stressful situations, which I won't bore you about. I have to say my honey, Mitchell is so kind. After a stressful day yesterday he took me out to dinner. It was really considerate of him.

I have been taking little puffs here and there. I am smoking a cig a day. I have conquered the smoke before bedtime. It is after meals that is hard. But, I am feeling good about my progress. This next week I must stop snagging little puffs. It will come.

The photo of the Amethyst necklace is a new design I created yesterday. I have a lot to do in order to restock my shop.

Have a great week end everyone!
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