Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bohemian earrings with silk tassels

It's that time of year when I start to prepare for my Summer craft shows. When I saw these beautiful silk tassels from Rajasthan, India I just knew they had to part of my designs! gypsy earrings I hand painted filigree charms and on some I added little mirrors. Mirrors are said to ward of the evil eye by reflecting back bad spirits. bohemian earrings with mirror I have lots of curl hair and find earrings get lost in my long hair. I made a pair for myself and you could see them through all my hair. I found while wearing them that I often reach up and play with the tassel...they are so silky, how could I resist! boho earrings The tassels come in so many lovely colors...I especially love the hot pink. statement earrings I couldn't resist making a really long pair in green and purple! These would be a blast to wear to an outdoor concert. hippie grunge earrings I love to patina metal. So, on this big pair of earrings that I like to call Hippie Grunge I added some patina grasshopper charms and recycled silk sari fabric. The fabric had some flower sequins on it which add a cool summer look! This pair was so fun to create! colorful bohemian earrings My favorite color combo! I painted the filigree wheel in a two tone of blue and green, then added this neon green silk tassel...love!!! Stop by my shopGypsy Moon Designs and enjoy free shipping! You can use coupon code FREESHIP. Good only within the U.S. Also feel free to follow me on Facebook to catch my newest creations. Gypsy Moon Designs on Facebook

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