Thursday, December 31, 2009

Love my studio

There is a bounce in my step every day! I just love my space. I find being in an environment with other artists is so invigorating.

With the holidays most of the other people where out. It was a great time to settle into my space.

I ordered a netbook computer for my studio. That way I don't cart my laptop back and forth. The computer arrived today thank goodness. Now, I can set it up and not split my time between home, answering emails, filling orders... It can all be done at "my studio".

During the busy holiday shopping season I was working as fast as I could filling orders, making jewelry and shooting pictures. Well, I had to have some tests for uterine and cervical cancer. I was to busy and to thrilled with my studio to let a cancer scare get me down. I had to bring some paperwork to my doctor and instead of being all sad I had a bounce in my step while walking into her office.

It ends up that I have precancer cells and my doctor will remove them. I reflected on this and I hope to keep this cheery attitude in the light of any future upsets.

These next photos are my show room area. I still need to organize it, hang my jewelry...

If you live in Missoula or are visiting feel free to email me through my Etsy shop for an appointment.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Compassion

My two sisters Christy and Mary really touched my heart this Christmas. Christy ran an ad on Craigslist giving away boys jeans. She has two boys and they had outgrown some jeans but had not worn them out yet, so Christy couldn't see throwing them away.

A woman responded to the ad and came over to Christy's house. The lady was well dressed in business attire and looking at her one would never guessed she was financially struggling.

While visiting the woman opened up and told my sister how she is a single mother with five kids and has no money for Christmas gifts. She is finding free items on Craigslist for her kids Christmas gifts.

Christy is a single Mom too and knows the challenges. She shared the woman's plight with my other sis, Mary and they decided to go shopping for the kids. They bought them clothes, pajamas, and shoes.

Mary is so incredible. She figured the Mom should gift wrap the items so that she could be a part of it all. So, Mary included gift boxes, wrap and tape.

This just touches my heart so much. Life handed my sisters an opportunity for compassion and they stepped right up to the plate. Gold Stars to you Mary and Christy, you have really shown the spirit of Christmas!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

My new studio space

I am so excited to share my adventure of moving my studio. I am in this old brick building, that I must remember to show you next time. It is in the old part of Missoula and right next to the train tracks. The neighborhood has a ton of character and many artist live there.

Today is my first day to start moving in and I thought it would be fun to show the progress of me building my work space.

I went to the thrift store the other day looking for some type of storage cupboards and instead found this funky old chair for just a few bucks. I also got this small work table that will be my shipping area.

This wicker tea cart has front wheels and I loved it. I am not sure yet how I will use it but it has such charm that I wanted it in my space.

So here is my space in stage one. Creating a lovely, functional work space has me so excited.

My current space is a shared extra bedroom. Mitchell is a painter and has half the room. My space ends right past the curtain.

This is the shipping area. It looks like a tornado hit due to the whirlwind of the holiday rush. After I grab the appropriate shipping supplies I sit down in the living room in front of my computer to write Thank You cards and package up the goodies.

I am thrilled to get my house back in order and hopefully have normal work hours. Maybe achieve days off, get out my Yoga ball and not worry about those pieces of headpins stuck in the carpet puncturing it!

To be continued...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Etsy Gift Guide

So excited about being in a Gift Guide on Etsy. The above hand painted earrings are what got chosen.

I saw a forum thread about the gift guides on Etsy. I usually nominate others and this time I asked to be in it with these earrings. To my surprise I awoke this morning to find them featured.

Here is a link to visit the Tribal-Inspired Gift Guide

Thanks Etsy and HeyMichelle!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

A new adventure

Last year I had moved my studio space back into my home. It is great to stay in my house clothes all day but I am running out of space.

So, I mulled it over and decided to go look again. Change can be scary at times. It is easy to keep your same routine. Well, the other day I got an email from a woman who has a large studio space and sublets parts of it out. She had 200 square feet for rent.

The space includes internet access, utilities, has a shower and a kitchen. It also provides a small show case to sell from. Every 2nd Friday she has a art opening too.

So, I took it! I will be around cool woman each day and no longer isolated in my house with only the post man to say hi too! LOL

One of the artist is a Native American fabric artist and the other is a seamstress who makes hipster skirts.

I will post photos when I move in. My move in date is December 15th.

This necklace can be seen in my Etsy shopRomantic Citrus necklace

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving vacation

This beautiful fall photo is from my dad's Etsy shop Carolina Prints

I am on my way to Raleigh to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I just love the warmth of family and sitting around the table laughing and eating good food.

I decided I will close my Big Cartel shop while I am gone and keep Etsy open. I hope this all runs smoothly. A young mom is on call to help me with shipping if I return home overwhelmed.

So, all my friends have a wonderful holiday and eat an extra piece of pie for me! LOL

Friday, November 6, 2009

Artists Exposed by Vicki Diane

Vicki Diane is a fellow Etsy artist from Spain. She grabs Etsy treasuries and features other artist on Etsy. What a great idea and generous of Vicki to spend her time doing this.

Vicki messaged me and asked for a photo of me wearing a piece of jewelry be added to one of my listing. I was completely honored and freaked out! LOL I hate my picture taken. When I was young I was a ham...but then with years adding on and weight I felt like a ham!

So, I think I captured the right angle to hide my double chin and baggy eyes. And I was having a good hair day too.

I am going to go see my family for the Thanksgiving holiday and had hoped to lose some weight but didn't. I know it doesn't matter to them at all. So, I am going to enlarge this photo and walk around behind it! hehe

Here is a link to visit Vicki Diane Designs A big thanks to you Miss Vicki!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Building links with Craftgawker

Building links to your online store is the best way to improve your Google page ranking. I learn so much valuable information reading the Etsy forums.

One day I saw a thread about a site called Craftgawker.

"craftgawker is a gallery where anyone can showcase their art, crafting and photography skills. It's a place for you to discover new artists and handmade goods to inspire your own creations. Anyone can submit pictures, if they follow our simple site rules..."

There rules are pretty basic. It must be your photo and a well balanced composition.

It is a visually stunning site to visit. I am always thrilled to see my favorite Etsy sellers items there!

Here is link to what I have submitted so far. Gypsy Moon's items

Have fun viewing the site and hope to see you there too!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My shop looks like it is on LSD

Ah ha...yesterday I took photos of my new jewelry and thought the back ground I was using looked like lush winter wardrobe colors.
I just love jewel tones and thought my shop would look rich and warm with color.

Then I posted them online and my first thought was "Lucy in the sky with diamonds"!
I have some re shooting to do today! : )

Saturday, October 24, 2009

First model shoot

Last Sunday I had my first model shoot for my jewelry. To make my model and and her friend comfortable I created an atmosphere of a garden party. I used my purple velvet table cloth for craft shows and set out bowls of snacks and had juices and teas. I wanted it to be as cozy as possible.
To tell you the truth I was very nervous! I have no clue what I am doing. So, before Anya and her friend Becky arrived I went through fashion magazines looking for poses that would work well for jewelry. I tore the pages out and had them on the table next to all the jewelry I wanted to photograph.It was a beautiful fall day with warm sunshine while I was setting up for the shoot. About 20 minutes before the ladies arrival the sky became gloomy and threaten rain. Overcast is great for photography but I felt rushed out of fear of rain.
When I edited the photos I created a soft blur around Anya's face. My thought process is that I want the jewelry to pop more the model. Who knows, it is all trial and error!

I learned so much that day and have so much more to learn. It was great fun and I am so glad Anya agreed to do it. It didn't feel like work at all and I had so much fun with her and Becky. Next time I am going to get Becky to do some posing too!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gothic Victorian Lotus necklaces

One of the benefits to selling at a weekly craft show is getting feedback from customers. By mid-summer I started focusing on designs for this holiday season that I would list on my Etsy shop. This Lotus Necklace design was very popular. I found these large hand painted charms in several colors and the customers loved the look.
October is my favorite month, when the air becomes crisp and the leaves are blowing about. I know it's time to pull out my velvet skirts and dresses. Fall is when I become so homesick for Taos, New Mexico. Roasted green chilies bought from roadside stands, Aspen trees shimmering golden in the afternoon light. Once the snow falls it is very common to see free spirited women in velvet dresses and skirts with big ole' snow boots on and there stunning jewelry. In the Southwest just running errands around town is a reason to wear your favorite goodies.

But, back to the Lotus necklace. This statement necklace is a perfect accessory for that velvet party dress. I created this Gothic Victorian design in three color choices, Burgundy, Chartreuse and Scarlet. I can't resist adding a touch of sparkle, so I dangled complimenting colors of Swarovski crystals.

Hmmm....where did I put those velvet skirts?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Indigenous Peoples Day

In 1992 I had the honor of being present for the first celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day in San Francisco, California.

It had such a influence on my life. At the time I was living south of the city in San Jose. I took the bus up by myself and when I arrived at city hall I was shocked by the heavy police presence. There had to be over 100 police. This was very unsettling and it caused anger in me. God forbid Indians should gather in one place to celebrate their heritage.

Well, once the event began it was easy to forget the police presence and listen to the speakers and music. It was on this empowering day in my favorite city that I was introduced to poet, singer, activist John Trudell. John is such a powerful speaker and voice for what it means to not only be a Native American but to be a human being in such insane times.

A good way to introduce yourself to John's music and lectures is through YTube videos.

One of the founders of Indigenous Peoples Day was Millie Ketcheschawno, a member of the Muskogee Creek Nation. She was a long time activist for Native American rights who lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. Millie was one of the founders of "Resistance 500". This group helped to stop the Quincentennial Jubilee plan to sail replicas of Columbus' armada into San Francisco Bay. In 1992 the Berkeley Resistance 500 Task Force, endorsed by the Berkeley City Council, brought about the end of the Columbus Day celebration in Berkeley, replacing it with Indigenous Peoples Day.

Native American activist thought it was appropriate to also celebrate that Indigenous people are still alive and their cultures are not gone. Some Native American activist groups view the ”discovery” of America by Columbus as the “Columbus' Invasion”.

Millie Ketcheschawno passed away in 2000 but she would be pleased that today California, Hawaii, South Dakota, Nevada, The Virgin Islands and many cities and Universities in the US no longer celebrate Columbus Day.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Carolina Prints Featured Photographer

This month I am featuring photographer Glenn Burns of North Carolina and his Etsy shop Carolina Prints
For decades Glenn shot photo's of nature scenes, family and wedding portraits. He worked in the computer industry and needed a creative outlet. Upon retiring from IBM he has been able to focus more on his passion.

Glenn's favorite subjects are flowers, sea and landscapes. He primarily works in digital but also enjoys making analog black and whites in his dark room.

To see more of his work you can drop by his Etsy shopCarolina Prints

Monday, October 5, 2009

Exotic Red Coral necklace

Each week until November 20th I am going to offer free shipping on one particular item.

This week I will pay the shipping on my Exotic Red Coral necklace.

This offer is available for international customers too!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Romantic Lapis necklace

I really enjoyed creating this romantic necklace. Rich jewel tones of Lapis Lazuli and Chrysocolla jasper dangle from this Victorian style copper component.

A perfect accessory to brighten up your winter wardrobe.Romantic Lapis necklace

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Improving my SEO

I must be an adrenalin junkie! I was doing 2 craftshows a weekend and am relieved that the Sunday show has ended for the season. I am eager for the Saturday show to end, which is just a few weeks away.

As you know I now have my own .com shop and what a learning curve it is. I discovered this website grader from folks on the Etsy forums called hubspot It has been such a help. I see areas that need work and am googling trying to learn as much as possible.

One thing I have learned is how valuable links are. I am always linking back to my Etsy shop and I think I will start to link back to my own store.

Blogging is such a fantastic way to do this. So, I have worked on the beautification of my shop and now it is time to improve it's SEO. Gypsy Moon Designs Boho chic jewelry
And to help my hubby I am going to add a link to his store, aren't I such a good wife! LOL Mitchell Poor, Primitive Surrealism paintings

Also, I am going to start adding links onto the sidebar of my blog of all my favorite shops.

I really recommend you checking out HubSpot. They have helpful free videos and a website SEO grader.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Adsense problem

Greetings fellow bloggers.

I was wondering if others were having trouble with Adsense. From my view point of my blog I no longer see ads. I checked and everything is still set up but no ads.

Anyone have Adsense missing from their blog?


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Etsy Treasury

My Gothic Black earrings are currently in a Russian themed treasury. I was delightfully surprised!Click here
You can see them in my shop Click here

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Boho Chic Jewelry Designs

As a designer I eagerly await the change of season in order to create new designs. It is so fun to go from a light summer color palette to a more rich fall/winter palette.

I created this chunky bohemian necklace is two color choices. Warm colors of tans, browns, olives and denim blue are glazed upon these large porcelain beads.

The pendant is a large copper oval with a pendant of Glazed Porcelain. I dangled the pendant on a tubular copper bail from Bali.

For a South Western flavor I teamed up the porcelain beads with turquoise color stones of Magnesite.

The tomato red chunky Bohemian necklace is paired up with round stones in a brown-black called Mahogany Obsidian. This one would look so beauty with a light cocoa silk blouse.
You can view here

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Martha Shade Mosaic Artist

Martha Shade is a west coast artist who enjoys the fine detail work of mosaic art.
The deer is her most recent sculpture. I love the peacefulness she has captured in it's pose.
This current piece measures 20 inches high and 24 inches wide.

Martha Shade has had her work shown throughout the SouthWest and Pacific NorthWest. If you are interested in contacting her you can email her at

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have started to accumulate email addresses to send out occasional newsletters. I found a very user friendly site that I will design my newsletters. If you are an online shopkeeper and interested is starting a newsletter check out Mad Mimi Email Marketing.

If you are already sending out newsletters I would love to hear your tips!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Earrings on Summer Clearance Sale

You can find an array of earrings on sale at my shopGypsy Moon Designs

There are these cool bohemian style metal earrings in several colors marked down to $13 from $18.

Small bell flowers topped with Swarovski crystals are available in several colors for only $7.
Gypsy Moon Designs

Monday, August 24, 2009

Handing out your Business Cards at Craft Shows

I sell at two craft show each weekend throughout the Summer. I hand out hundreds of my business cards for my online Etsy shop Gypsy Moon Designs This Saturday I sold this Charoite necklace set which is a bit pricey to a women who lives in Michigan. She vacations each Summer in Montana and had my card from last year. She told me that she had been eying this necklace online and couldn't wait to see it in person. It thrilled me to hear that!

Saturday I had another customer who bought several pieces and I offered her my card. She told me my shop is book marked in her favorites. Another thrilling thing to hear!

Now, for some synchronicity...A few weeks ago I sold this Charoite necklace set to a woman also from Michigan. I am a born and raised Michigander and found it so interesting that this stone necklace set keeps selling to my fellow Michiganders.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Funky Hats at Jaxons Jazz on Etsy

This month I am featuring a fun Etsy shop called Jaxons Jazz. I met Jackie, the hat designer at the People's Market in Missoula, Montana. It is always fun to meet other Etsy shopkeeper's.

Last week we did a trade and I now sport one of her fun hats. They are so comfy and stylish. I love mine!

Jax Hats are made from 100% preloved sweaters and t-shirts. They have a cute flapper style that looks great on everyone who wears it! They are light weight, just right for summer. She adds cute coordinating brims to these fun hats. Depending on your mood, you can wear the brim down or turn it up.

Jackie even makes her own Fimo clay buttons that most of the hats sport along with a JAX logo.

She even makes infant and toddler hats. This little one looks so precious in her hat! You can see her baby doll modeling the infant hat.

If you are in Missoula come by the Saturday Market and check out Jaxons Jazz or online at Etsy. You can see more of these fun hats by following this link.Jaxons Jazz
Countries that wear my designs!
Make yours @
Make yours @