Sunday, April 12, 2009

3D Mosaic Artist ~Martha Shade~Featured Artist

Taos, New Mexico draws artist to her. While living there I met and made friends with Martha Shade. After almost a decade I moved onto to Montana and Martha to Portland, Oregon.

As Martha's friend, I am amazed by her patience and attention to small detail. I have seen some of her work where she cuts out a variety of fabrics in small squares and lays them upon a form she created with paper pulp.

I find the Giraffe to be absolutely amazing. She has fused glass and adhered it to the form. The head and legs she designed with resin. All her pieces are around 18 inches tall. To see them close up, just click on the image.

Like most kids, Martha started out playing with Playdoh. She found she really liked sculpting. She likes to work in a malleable, 3 dimensional medium. Even the process of grouting and scraping she finds enjoyable.

The pug piece is part of her private collection. It is inspired by George, her companion and buddy for many years. I love the Mermaid and it has found a home already.

Martha Shade has had her work shown through out the Southwest and Pacific Northwest. If you are interested in contacting her you can email her at


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful pieces...a lot of creativity and patience must go into each design.

Celtic Cat said...

All are lovely, but love that Giraffe!

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Thanks for the introduction to a wonderful artist. The giraffe is fantastic!

Gypsy Moon Designs said...

This is the first time Martha Shades work has been online too! Thanks for stopping by everyone!

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