Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another fun technique

I am having to much fun this new year! All this play with materials is making creative ideas really flow. Now to get them turned into something tangleable. Paisley earrings
Before they can be created I must master some basic metal work. The necklace and earrings you see here are designed with hammered copper. I created little windows for pictures.

Victorian Bohemian necklace

I am antiquing the copper in liver of sulfur and have to say I love using it. Right now to solder the pendants closed I am using a soldering iron. On Thursdays I am taking a beginning metal fabrication class and can't wait to learn how to use the torch. For now though I will stick to the iron. It is such a small area that it seems to be working.

Off to play some more!


Kate T. said...

FUN! I'm hearing the *plink, plink* of a little hammer in my head as I read this.


Anonymous said...

Very technique. Have you tried the liver of sulphur gel - it's fabulous - doesn't degrade - very easy to use.

Celtic Cat said...

I love the first one the best. I love blue jewelry!

Gypsy Moon Designs said...

I have heard of it Sassy Glass and when I run out of the dry form I am going to get some.

I love blue too Cat!

Thanks Kate for stopping by! I am awe inspired by your work!!

Anonymous said...
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