Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday drive in western Montana

Summer markets have ended and I have my weekends back! Don't get me wrong, I love market season. I also love spending time with my honey. So, the last few weeks we have been taking these beautiful Sunday drives to places I have never explored.

We keep hoping to see a bear or mountain lion. Not yet!

As a kid my parents would take us on Sunday drives. We always found our way to the apple orchid. Oh the memories of that place. You could take a little tour and drink fresh apple juice. They also sold the best unpopped popcorn I have ever had.
It never failed that Dad would take a road never taken and Mom would ask "Are we lost?" and he would say "Nah, we aren't lost the teepee is." That would crack up us kids every-time. It also taught me that I am never lost, I'm right here.

I didn't hold the camera very still, but I wanted to show off some lovely fall scenes. The first few are Huson, Montana and the Clark Fork River.

I have a dream of living in an old yellow house. I couldn't believe it when we saw this house. Isn't the gate incredible! It is a compound, perfect for a couple of creative types like me and my man! There is a main house and a second smaller house along with other smaller buildings. Hey, it's for sale too!

We then made our way through some back roads to the Flathead Indian Reservation. That is where these other two photos were taken. On the rez I thought I saw a bear! We backed up and it was a dead tree trunk with wild turkeys hanging around it. At least I did see something.

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Celtic Cat said...

Montana is awesome any time of the year, but especially in the fall. Love that gate!

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