Monday, March 23, 2009

Getting ready for Summer

Life is starting to become a real balancing act! I am gearing up for Summer craft season. I sell at a Saturday market here in Missoula. I am going to also check in on a Sunday show that runs thru the summer, about an hour and a half north of here.

In the summer I get up at dawn and hike the mountain that is right out my back door. But, after a winter of not much exercise I start my Spring with yard work. I rack up the lawn and clean up my flower beds. I laugh because tending my yard is like trying to keep the forest in order. One side of my yard is a little hill with a deer path and rocks. When there are deer there is deer poop! Also, way to many rocks to use the lawn mower. So, I usually just yank up the weeds with my hands, after it rains. Once I have started using my muscles in the yard I am ready to hit the trails.

Anyway, back to market! Last week and part of this week I am working on stone necklaces to draw shoppers to my booth. Then it is time to sit down and see how many earrings I can create.

My Dad sent me his old copy of Photoshop. Last night I played around with the Turquoise necklace. I blurred the pic and then with the eraser tool went over the necklace to make it stand out.

Well, off to create!


Judy said...

Beautiful necklace and great job on the picture. Good luck with your summer shows.

Katie said...

Beautiful set! Turquoise always looks so beautiful. One of my fav stones.

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Love the turquoise necklace! One of my favorite stones in the summer. I can relate to your yard. I have to use a giant weedwacker with wheels because it's basically just forest around the house. Once a year and I'm done. LOL

Anonymous said...

That turquoise necklace ensemble is gorgeous.

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