Friday, April 2, 2010

Honored by Top Etsy Shops

I was honored on the
Top Etsy Shops Blog as the month of April winner! It is so exciting! I was working in my studio and had my netbook on watching all these views and hearts coming in. My first thought was am I on the coveted front page of Etsy? Nope, hmmm...what is up?

After checking my email I discovered that I had won the drawing on the FaceBook group Top Etsy Shops.

What a wonderful way to start April!! Thanks Top Etsy Shops for the feature!
Gypsy Moon Designs


ArtNomadix said...

Congratulations !!
Please tell me how you watch 'Hearts' and 'Views' coming in. What is 'netbook'
Love Light and Rainbows

Gypsy Moon Designs said...

Hi Meg,
I watch my views here

Netbook is a baby laptop with a small keyboard.

Celtic Cat said...

Congrats, you deserve it!

Gypsy Road said...

holy cow!!!! that's awesome, julie!! congrats!

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