Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Cleaning the Yard

It is spring break at the University of Montana and most of my neighbors are gone on holiday. A perfect time to fill the dumpsters with leaves and branches.

We have a couple of Maple trees and cotton wood trees in our small yard. After a long Rocky Mountain winter cleaning up the yard is like trying to sweep a forest floor! We filled three dumpsters while getting the yard back into shape.

The yard looks drab right now, for spring bloom takes awhile to arrive when you live in the north. The hillside was buried under a ton of leaves and branches. But, soon it will be covered with beautiful ferns that have the sweetest pink flowers.

My sweet kitty, Luna loves to drink from the bird feeder that is still in need of some cleaning. She is camera shy and ran as soon as she saw me focusing on her. Silly girl!

Last year I let my neighbor use this little garden plot. She moved away last month though. I am trying to come up with some garden ideas that are deer resistant. We have many, many deer come through our yard on a daily basis.

I was thinking maybe Lavender, Pansies and a border of Marigold. I am not a fan of Marigold but I heard neither are the deer.

If you have some deer resistant ideas I would love to hear them! It doesn't have to be flowers just anything the deer may not be into. This part of the yard stays sunny all day.

Happy spring!

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Anonymous said...

I love spring - it is my favorite season...enjoy!

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