Friday, November 6, 2009

Artists Exposed by Vicki Diane

Vicki Diane is a fellow Etsy artist from Spain. She grabs Etsy treasuries and features other artist on Etsy. What a great idea and generous of Vicki to spend her time doing this.

Vicki messaged me and asked for a photo of me wearing a piece of jewelry be added to one of my listing. I was completely honored and freaked out! LOL I hate my picture taken. When I was young I was a ham...but then with years adding on and weight I felt like a ham!

So, I think I captured the right angle to hide my double chin and baggy eyes. And I was having a good hair day too.

I am going to go see my family for the Thanksgiving holiday and had hoped to lose some weight but didn't. I know it doesn't matter to them at all. So, I am going to enlarge this photo and walk around behind it! hehe

Here is a link to visit Vicki Diane Designs A big thanks to you Miss Vicki!
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