Friday, November 20, 2009

A new adventure

Last year I had moved my studio space back into my home. It is great to stay in my house clothes all day but I am running out of space.

So, I mulled it over and decided to go look again. Change can be scary at times. It is easy to keep your same routine. Well, the other day I got an email from a woman who has a large studio space and sublets parts of it out. She had 200 square feet for rent.

The space includes internet access, utilities, has a shower and a kitchen. It also provides a small show case to sell from. Every 2nd Friday she has a art opening too.

So, I took it! I will be around cool woman each day and no longer isolated in my house with only the post man to say hi too! LOL

One of the artist is a Native American fabric artist and the other is a seamstress who makes hipster skirts.

I will post photos when I move in. My move in date is December 15th.

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