Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Spring Fever

The early part of this week has been crazy! I seemed to have so many interruptions and could not get into the studio. Yesterday I had a much needed lunch with my dear friend. She is a self employed attorney and needed the girlfriend time too. We had a lot of laughs and re charged ourselves. So, I thought "Okay I will get home and get creative".

Well, I get home to this mangled package in my box. The package was going to the U.K. and the sweet customer had sent me a message a week ago asking where it was. No getting into the studio, I just had to get it back out to her. So, I payed for it to be Priority Mailed to her. It ate up much of my profit but that is okay. I would rather have a happy customer and good reputation!

So, today, finally is creative time! I start the day with an incredible hike. Wild flowers and snow capped mountains. Just joyful! It gave me spring fever. I have been in the studio then back outside. We are having such mild, sunny weather. My favorite! So, I have decided to just give into the fever and putz around today. A little creating, a little cleaning and a lot of front porch sitting watching the world go by!


Wild Woman Jewelry said...

there's nothing like a little time to 'putz' around...and good grief, that package looks like it's been through the wringer!!!!

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Yay for girlfriend time! What the heck happened to that package though! Geez.

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