Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chicks and Eggs

The other day I was shopping on Etsy and viewing shops that make infant items. I was looking for a gift for a newborn. I discovered Chicks and Eggs. I am so impressed by her shop. The leather shoes are such quality and a variety of styles to choose from. I found myself wishing I was shopping for a girl because the Matina style is so cute!

I also loved the fabrics she uses for her bibs and burp clothes, very modern and fun! Check out her shop, you will enjoy it!


Katie said...

Wow! Those look comfortable. I wish they were in my size. Off to look at her shop.

Anonymous said...

How cute those are...they look like a tiny version of an adult shoe and they do look comfy. Off to visit her shop.

sherry said...

How cute!

If you ever redesign your blog, make sure you have nothing but time! I cannot understand why it is so complicated, but it is.

The Muddy Moose Bath Boutique said...

Too cute...wish I had a baby to shop for!

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