Saturday, February 28, 2009

Featured Artist, Judy Elizabeths Flock

For 16 years Judy Elizabeth tended her flock of sheep in beautiful Babb, Montana.

The small town of Babb sits on the edge of Glacier National Park. A magical place where creativity has room to blossom. In 1984 Judy Elizabeth created a soft sculpture pattern for her sheep and ewes.

These sweet lambs/ewes are great collectibles for all ages. Each lamb comes with the story of "Jena the Gentle Ewe" -- Jena was a white faced ewe who had long black lashes and freckles on her nose -- she had started out as a bum lamb (motherless and raised on a bottle). Jena also helped acclimate their Pyrenees guard dog puppy, Shu-Shu-La, to live with and guard the flock of sheep.

Judy Elizabeth spends hours on each lamb/ewe. They are hand sewn and stuffed until they are just right, adding lashes and eye lids, ears, legs, etc. They come with felt bows and a bell around their neck.

The only lambing Judy Elizabeth does now is with her needle and thread but Jena still lives on with each creation.

Feel free to view Judy Elizabeths Flock


Crickets Creations Handknit Scarves said...

Great idea to feature Judy Elizabeth, Julie! :)

Love your beautiful blog.
Celeste (Crickets)

Anonymous said...

Those are so sweet; great feature.

Judy Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Julie, I am honored to be featured on your beautiful blog! Warm regards, Judy Elizabeth

sherry said...

They are so sweet. Reminds my of Lambchop from Shari Lewis.

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