Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mud, Mud, I love Mud

Amidst the ice and dirty snow mud has appeared. I have never been so happy to see it. It is a sign that spring is truly appearing. An added bonus is there is actually sunshine breaking through today, too! My goodness, I don't know if I can take it! (The photo is kitty Luna looking at me thru the sunroof)

It has been a busy week with responsibilities. My taxes are filed. I finally got my application in to my summer show. I will hear something in mid April. I am entering my 6th season of selling at the Missoula Saturday Market. It is juried but they allow guest vending. That is what I have been doing. It takes many years for a jewelry artist to get in, because everyone seems to make jewelry. This is my 2nd year to apply as a permanent vendor so I try not to have expectations. If a lot of slots open up I may have a chance.

Now that I see mud it is time to start my spring cleaning. Last night I prepared my honey, telling him in the next few days we would be going thru the house seeing what we can get rid of. He just moaned, so I told him not to worry that I would supervise him. He said "When do you not supervise?" He got a pillow in the face for that remark!

New chandelier earring findings arrived in the mail from Turkey yesterday. I am excited to work with them today. What a juggling act it is to keep your shop looking fresh, as if all you do is create (and eat bon-bons).


BusyBeadLady said...

Hope spring is really on the way to you. No mud here, only dry sand, hoping for rain. Good luck with spring cleaning, personally I have a hard time parting with objects. It seems that once I obtain something, it is mine for life. I, too am looking forward to doing shows. It sounds like the one you are applying to is great. I am sure you will get a spot. Your work is lovely.

Heather said...

yes the mud is here too, yippeeeee! I hope it's not just a mid winter tease though :) I had to giggle at your hubby's groan at spring cleaning, I just had the same conversation with mine the other night and got the same response.

DeeDee B said...

Spring seems to be arriving here a little earlier than normal (global warming perhaps?). The neighbors daffodils are blooming, leaves are starting to bud out on the hydrangeas. As for spring cleaning, I'm not ready to think about it yet but I should. Guess I'm to preoccupied with dreaming of spring.

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