Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Exotic Ethnic Jewelry is 2009 trend

Unconventional pieces can make you and your outfit stand out from a crowd by bringing a note of uniqueness, simplicity and style.

In 2009 unconventional materials, such as apple seeds, wood, ceramic, plastic, shells, leather and bold stones can make for astonishing jewelry items.

Big, tribal pieces carry over from 2008 trends into this year. Remember to not get to carried away, wearing one bold piece with more subtle pieces is always better. You don't want to look like Mrs. Roper from the Three's Company television show!

Statement pieces always look great with simple solids. The necklace shown here would look great with a white blouse and jeans.

Also, layering necklaces is still the trend for 2009. A floral summer dress worn with a long bold color opera necklace and a simple choker necklace with a bold pendant.

So, what form of ethnic inspired jewelry will you be making a statement with this season?

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Anonymous said...

I love that necklace at the top of your post. I don't make tribal-looking jewelry but I have a series of lampwork beads that I call tribal. I like making them and love the color combos. I should go make some.

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