Thursday, February 12, 2009

I have been tagged by Sandi at Sassy Glass Designs.
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5 random things no one probably really wants to know about me:

1) That you can be my friend for years before I share everything about myself to you!

2) When I was a child I dreamed of being a painter and living in some foreign land.

3) I was employed with the hockey team San Jose Sharks. I worked there before they even had there logo, team or coach.

4) I had a house pet that was a bunny rabbit. She ate all the wires of my appliances so I gave her to a family. When I inquired about little bunny I was told that possibly the father ate him!!

5) The only famous person I have dreamt of is David Bowie and that was twice! Maybe after the third dream I will meet him! LOL

I am tagging:

judy elizabeths flock.
everythings blue.
Busy Bead Lady.


sassyglassdesigns said...

You did a great job...very interesting tidbits. Thanks for playing along.

Gypsy Moon Designs said...

: )

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