Thursday, February 5, 2009

Featured Artist Grizzly Mountain Soaps

I have been buying my soap from Grizzly Mountain Soap for 5 years now. As a customer it is easy to feature them.

Grizzly Mountain Soaps is a small home based company made up of mother, daughter, and grandson., located on the Flathead Indian Reservation. Jamie, the daughter, is the woman in front. She sells her soap, during the summer, through out western Montana. You can find her every saturday at the Missoula Saturday market.

They make there soap from Buffalo tallow. Tallow is the fat melted down. Tallow is what makes a soap very creamy. Store bought soap is made from beef or pork tallow. Grizzly Mountain Soap gets there Buffalo fat from meat packers in Montana. The fat would have been thrown away.

There soap bars are large at 5 oz. They last about as long as 3 store bought soaps. They come wrapped in pretty fabric. I always slice mine in thirds and disperse in the shower and sinks.

Grizzly Mountain Soaps also wholesales their soap to a variety of shops in the North West. I was chatting with an owner of an antique store once. He carries there soap and said when he brings in an antique piece that smells like stale cigarettes he places a bar of their soap in the drawer and it absorbs all the bad odors.

They have incredible scents too. My favorite is heather. They carry a Flathead Cherry soap that has actual Flathead cherries in it. The same with there huckleberry too!
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